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3119-600 Series Environmental Chambers

Developments in advanced materials have resulted in a new generation of materials that are being used in increasingly demanding environmental conditions. A full understanding of the performance of these materials calls for integrated testing packages with high and low temperature capabilities.

Instron® has developed a range of environmental testing chambers that perfectly complement our advanced materials testing systems. Compatibility with a comprehensive range of accessories ensures that accurate testing of materials and components, in a wide variety of applications, can be met with total confidence. The 3119-600 Series of materials testing environmental chambers provides the most advanced means of carrying out materials tests in an accurately controlled environment.

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How They Work

The 3119-600 Series is designed to fit between the columns of a materials testing machine on a suitable mounting. Ports located in the upper and lower surfaces of the chamber allow pull rods to be inserted, to which grips and fixtures are attached.

The chambers use a forced-convection principle, in which hot or cold air is recirculated around the specimen grips and pull rods to provide optimum heating/cooling rates, reduced thermal gradients, and good thermal stability.

Ambient temperature air is also circulated from the rear of the chamber into the space between the insulation and the outer panels. This helps to the keep the outer skin of the chamber close to ambient temperature. A selectable high/low fan speed allows delicate specimens to be tested by reducing the effect of air turbulence within the chamber.

Forced Convection

Ease of Use

Access to the specimen and grips is via a left-handed hinged door that also contains a heated, optical-glass window. An internal light allows the inside of the chamber to be clearly seen if required.

Opening the door automatically turns off heating, cooling, and the fan, thus reducing the hot/cold air reaching the operator.

Removable wedge ports provide quick and easy load string setup and incorporate instrumentation cut-outs for extensometer cables, without interfering with the pull rods.

Open Chamber Door
Chamber Light
Wedge Ports


Eurotherm controller for 3119-600 Series Environmental Chambers

A dedicated Eurotherm 3208 temperature controller mounted to the chamber is used to select the required set-point temperature. Temperature is monitored and controlled by a Type N thermocouple inside the chamber. An advanced functions option allows the controller to be programmed with defined heating rates and dwell times (8 segments). This option also permits PC communication via USB with compatible software and 0-10V analog output of temperature to other devices, such as chart recorders.

Advanced Functions

Minimal Frosting for Optical Analysis

The triple-pane, optical quality borosilicate glass window with twin cartridge heaters minimizes frosting and misting when testing at low temperatures.

These chambers are fully compatible with Instron non-contacting video extensometers for testing delicate specimens, or where contacting devices cannot be used due to extreme temperatures.

600 Series Chamber
AVE 2 on Chamber

Optional Accessories for a Complete Testing Solution

The range of 3119-600 chambers provides reliable and enduring performance over a vast spectrum of testing applications where non-ambient testing conditions are required. However, a chamber alone is not sufficient. To ensure a complete solution to your testing requirements, Instron offers a comprehensive line of grips, fixtures, extensometers, and pull rods.

  • Full range of pull rods, push rods, extensometers, grips, and fixtures for use at high and low temperatures
  • Cooling modules for C02 and LN2
  • Hoses for C02 and LH2 cooling modules
  • 60 and 120 liter self-pressuring Dewar flasks
    (3119-102A and 3119-102)
  • Rigid or roller bracket mounting options
  • Advanced functions option provides 8-segment ramp/dwell capability, USB communications with compatible software, and 0-10V analog output signal for analog recording devices

In addition to our standard-sized chambers, we have also developed some for specialized applications, including:

3119-615 has an internal height of 860mm and is ideal for testing higher elongating materials at elevated temperatures. This can be used on taller electromechanical table or floor model frames.

3119-616 can be used with Instron precision manual wedge grips and associated compression accessories. This chamber is taller than our standard chambers in order to accommodate both compression and tensile testing without removing the grips and invalidating alignment.

3119-617 and 3119-618 can be used with Instron hydraulic wedge or extended hydraulic wedge grips and require larger port holes to accommodate the larger pull rod diameters. These chambers are taller than our standard chambers to allow both compression and tensile testing without removing the grips. The extended hydraulic option for taller Instron electromechanical floor model frames provides additional testing space within the chamber.

Precision Manual Wedge Grips
5982 with Open Chamber Composite

For more details on the new 3119-600 Series environmental chambers and associated accessories, simply contact us.