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Could You be Using Your Instron Testing Machine More Than You Are Now? 

Accessories add versatility to a universal testing machine. However different or common your product is, it is still likely you will need to meet some form of manufacturing and or quality standard whether it be internal, national or international.

Instron® has thousands of different grips and fixtures, hundreds of strain solutions and over 70 years of providing solutions to critical testing requirements.

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Do Your Specimens Slip From Your Grips?

Pneumatic side acting tensile grips 2712-04x and 27120-5x provide a repeatable and constant gripping force, making them a great choice for high volume QC testing, especially when testing specimens that thin with axial extension. These grips are widely used for polymer testing and in the biomedical industry.

Specimen Centering

Tensile Testing of Composites Can be Challenging

Wedge grips are a long-standing workhorse in materials testing; Instron uses the moving body design which avoids unnecessary compressive stresses being applied to specimens as the grips are tightened. Instron hydraulic and precision mechanical wedge grips are well suited to the rapidly developing composite market meeting Industry standards. For static testing see 2716 series and for dynamic testing see 2742 series.

Precision Wedge Grips Alignment             Biaxial Clip-On Extensometer

Do you Need an Extensometer to Meet ISO 527 or ISO 6892 and be easy to use in a high specimen throughput environment?

AutoX Biax Extensometer

Meeting industry standards and maximizing specimen testing to minimize production downtime can be helped by using an Instron Auto X extensometer, which has the accuracy to meet stringent standards requirements and is easy to use for operators.

Are your Fiber and Yarn Test Results Lower than your Competitors?

Are you using the right grips? Instron recommends an incorporated capstan design which reduces stress concentrations at the jaw face specimen interface, promoting failure away from the specimen jaw face interface.

Cord and Yarn Grips

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please ask your local Instron representative or contact us here.  In addition to our vast catalog of accessories, our Custom Solutions Group has the capability to design custom fixtures for your unique needs.