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Bluehill® 3 TestProfiler

Is Design Validation Slowing Down Your Time to Market?

At the heart of the product design process lies iterative cycles between design, simulation, and prototype testing. Instron® has worked with some of the most innovative companies to help them test their products for performance, function, and reliability. We help them develop testing solutions that incorporate a high level of automation and precision that is required to mimic the functional use of components and devices.

With the ability to perform rapid design iterations, companies realize the benefits of bringing their product to market faster.

3 Key Requirements

The new TestProfiler functionality in Bluehill 3 Testing Software offers unprecedented flexibility in designing tests that automate a sequence of unique loading patterns. With the ability to increase the speed of these iterations, companies can accelerate their product development process. TestProfiler allows for easy setup of tests that require:

  • Repetitive cycles for component quality testing commonly used with customers testing foam and spring, or performing proof-loading tests
  • Step-by-step loading patterns to mimic functional use of biomedical devices and consumer electronics products
  • Ability to build test flow logic by monitoring and responding to internal and external sensors and digital states
  • Tests with simultaneous temperature control of the specimen

Perform Rapid "What-If" Analysis

Test engineers are constantly iterating with different loading patterns until the right sequence is created that reproduces the scenario they are trying to test against.

User Input Driven Test Parameters New UI Framework with
Side-By-Side Controls
TestProfiler Expression Builder Inputs
3 Step Framework

Making the test parameters as user-driven variables gives you an easy way to rapidly change test parameters right from the operator screen. The powerful Bluehill 3 Expression Building makes this seamless in the new TestProfiler. Key controls of a step including insert, cut, copy, paste, and delete - located within the step, reducing the mouse travel by more than 60% when compared to a menu or toolbar-driven design.

TestProfiler allows you to create custom test control sequences (profiles) with a simple, user-friendly interface. Complex cyclic test sequences are readily created by using TestProfiler's waveform building steps (triangles, ramps and holds). Your test method is graphically displayed as you create it and standard Window's tools (cut, paste, copy, delete, etc.) can be used to quickly create or modify virtually any complex test sequence. Test results can be independently assigned to individual test steps and the graphical display of test results can be filtered to show only the steps (cycles) of interest.

Create Loading Patterns to Reproduce Functional Use

Reproducing a loading pattern that mimics the functional use of a device or component is the best way to establish performance specifications. Once established, the same test can be used to evaluate design candidates at different stages of product development.

Multiple Loops Step Transitions Based on Logical Conditions
Multiple Loops
TestProfiler Step Transitions

Orchestrate and Automate

Functional testing of components or assemblies may require more than the load frame - it may require a test set-up involving other sensors and actuators. TestProfiler can be used to make the load frame respond to external events and initiate specific actions to orchestrate the test.

Temperature Cycling
Ramp Image
Complete Data Acquisition Control
Acquire data when you need it and only as much as you need. Configure the data acquisition per step depending on how much you would like to analyze.

Experience Unprecedented Flexibility in Designing Tests

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